“Secret WP Plugin That Makes Your FaceBook Pages Go Viral Without Using Facebook Ads"
Stay Under The FB Radar With These Powerful Features
All Likes From From REAL Facebook User

The FB Like Jacking Ninja gets Likes for your Pages that are from REAL Facebook users. 

Because these are real users and not from fake accounts you’ll be able to send them offers and actually make money. 

Buying fake likes or likes from bots is a waste of your time and money as well as putting your FB pages at risk of being closed down. 

When you use the FB Like Jacker, every Like that your FB pages receive, is from a REAl Facebook user which is the only real way of making your pages go viral.

Avoid The Dreaded Confirm Like Button

Thanks to the Like Jackers advanced settings you can avoid getting the 'confirm like' box being placed on your site from FB. 

Because you can control how much of your websites traffic is jacked and how fast means you can easily avoid having FB placing the confirm like box on your site so you can continue to Like Jack undetected. 

Imagine being able to Like Jack without FB detecting what you're doing so you can continue getting all of those free likes to help make your page a viral hit across Facebook.

Send Likes to Multiple FB Pages

You can install the FB Like Jacker on just one of your WP sites and get the Jacked Likes for as many different FB pages as you want. 

If you have a site that gets a lot of traffic you can jack that traffic to get Likes for all of your different Facebook pages which is a huge time saver. 

Add as many different FB Page URL's to the Like Jackers settings and it will rotate through them getting Likes for ALL of the FB page URL's you entered.

Set it to be Inactive at Certain Times of the Day

Another great stealth feature of the Like Jacker that makes sure you stay below the FB radar is 'time inactive' setting. 

You can choose any time period of the day that you want the Like Jacker to be inactive and not jack your sites visitors. 

This is an incredibly useful feature if your site gets a surge of traffic at a certain time of the day that you wouldn't want the plugin to Like Jack the traffic. 

Avoiding a surge of Jacked Likes helps to keep you below the FB radar.

Only Like Jack Traffic From Certain Countries

Being able to Like Jack traffic from the countries you choose means you can better target your offers with quality traffic. 

If you have Likes mainly from USA traffic you’ll get a better conversion rate and make more money when you send your CPA offers that only accept USA traffic. 

Geo targeting is a very powerful feature when it comes to Like Jacking.

Works with Desktop and Mobile Traffic

The vast majority of people use Facebook traffic is via mobile and tablet devices. 

That’s why FB Like Jacker is designed to Like Jack mobile, tablet and desktop traffic to ensure that as much of your traffic can be jacked as possible.

Facebook Wants You To FAIL !!

I get it, I really do. Every day, you're working your butt off to try and get somewhere with Facebook. You've created your FB page, added some great content and made the page look really professional but you just can't seem to get as many Likes on the page as you need or want.

Look, it's not your fault. Really, it's not your fault. 

Facebook are dead set on making it as difficult as possible for you to make your page popular unless you pay them. Facebook is in the business of making money and they want YOUR hard earned cash.

FB don't want your page to become popular all by itself because that won't make FB any money. They are trying to FORCE you to buy Likes from them using Facebook ads.

And we all know that Facebook ads are getting more and more expensive. And that's not about to change either.

In face, Facebook ads are only going to become more and more expensive.

That's why you HAVE to even up the odds and level the playing field

Your Secret Weapon For Exploding Your FB Pages.....
  • Stop Paying For FB Likes - With the FB Like Jacking Ninja installed on your WP site you'll never have to pay FB for Likes ever again. 
  • Explode The Popularity of Your Page  - The FB Like Jacking Ninja can get your FB pages an unlimited number of Likes from REAL Facebook users 24/7 on complete autopilot.
  • Get Likes Without Having to Ask - Thanks to the stealth power of the Like Jacking Ninja you can make every visitor of your site give your FB page a Like.
  •  Leave Your Competitors in the Dust - The Like Jacking Ninja is your secret weapon in the war to make sure YOUR pages beat your competitors. They won't have a clue why your FB pages are getting more Likes that theirs.
  • It's Time To Level The Playing Field......
This is what members of a well known BlackHat forum said after using the FB Like Jacking Ninja
Now YOU Have The Advantage...

If you're sick and tired of never seeming to get any traction when it comes to growing your FB pages then you need to get yourself a copy of the FB Like Jacking Ninja. 

This WordPress plugin installs on your site just like any other WP plugin but this is so powerful that it makes all other FB plugins look lame by comparison.

Remember, Facebook doesn't want to help you make your pages more popular unless you're using FB ads which are getting more and more expensive.

Can you really afford to keep throwing fistfuls of your hard earned cash at FB to try and get a few likes for your pages?

Now you have another option. An option that not only gets you the results you want and deserve but without the need for you to hand FB another penny of your money.

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Here's to your new found success with your Facebook Pages,

Michael Sherriff


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