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Here are just some of the testimonials from members of a well known BlackHat forum who used the first version of the FB Like Jacking Ninja
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......if you're serious about taking advantage of the powerful, viral, nature of Facebook in 2016 then this WP plugin is exactly what you need right now!!
Introducing the FB Like Jacking Ninja

  • Works on mobile and desktop traffic...
  • Advanced features to help keep you off the FB radar
  • Have TOTAL control over all parts of the Like Jacking
  • Only jack visitors from countries you choose
  • Avoid jacking traffic from certain IP's
  • Avoid jacking traffic from certain referring sites
  • Deactivate the jacker automatically at set times of the day
  • Only jack a certain percentage of your traffic
  • Get Likes for and FB Page
  • Safe to use with AdSense
  • Your visitors will never know they were Like jacked
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Watch the video below as I demonstrate the FaceBook Like Jacker on one of my sites
The Powerful Features of
the Awesome FB Like Jacker
  • Buying Fake Likes Will Never Make You a Penny
  • Avoid The Dreaded Confirm Like Button
FB Like Jacking Ninja gets Likes for your Pages and websites from REAL Facebook users. Because these are real users and not from fake accounts you’ll be able to send them offers and actually make money.
Because of the advance controls that FB Like Jacking Ninja has it gives you complete and total control over every aspect of your Like Jacking to make sure it doesn’t raise any flags with the FB police.
  • Send Likes to any FB Page of your choice
  • Set Plugin to be Inactive at Certain Times of the Day
Install the plugin on just one of your sites and you can send Likes to as many different FB pages as you want. This allows you to concentrate on sending traffic to just one website and the plugin can then Jack Likes to multiple FB pages which is a very powerful feature.
Automatically Deactivate The Plugin at Certain Times of the Day
An advanced feature of the Jacker allows you to deactivate the plugin during certain times of the day so that you can target traffic at the times you choose.
  • Only Like Jack Traffic From Certain Countries
  • Avoid Like Jacking traffic based on its IP address
Being able to Like Jack traffic from the countries you choose means you can better target your offers with quality traffic. If you have Likes mainly from USA traffic you’ll get a better conversion rate and make more money when you send your CPA offers that only accept USA traffic. Geo targeting is a very powerful feature when it comes to Like Jacking.
Avoid Like Jacking traffic based on its IP address.
Enter an IP range and the plugin will deactivate when it detects traffic from that IP range which means if you enter an IP range known to be used by Facebook staff the plugin will deactivate so as NOT to Like Jack FB staff should they come to look at your website.
  • Works with Desktop and Mobile Traffic
  • 100% Stealth Mode
The vast majority of people use Facebook traffic is via mobile and tablet devices. That’s why FB Like Jacker is designed to Like Jack mobile, tablet and desktop traffic to ensure that you as much as your traffic can be jacked.
FB Jacking Ninja intelligently detects which visitors to your website are logged in to a FB account and it will ignore those who are not logged in to a FB account. Because of this there will never be a pop-up box show up that asking them to log in to their FB account..
“The FB Like Jacker continues to work regardless of the changes FB makes in 2016.”

Today is the day that you stop burning your hard earn cash on FB ads to get Likes on your pages.

Today is the day that you start to get an unlimited number of Likes from real Facebook users on complete autopilot and explode the popularity and reach of your FB pages.

With the FB Like Jacking Ninja WP plugin installed on your WordPress site you can look forward to watching the likes on your FB page steadily increase along with the popularity of your pages.

The more popular your page becomes then the more people you will reach and the more people you reach means more money in your pocket when you promote your offers to them via your pages.

It just doesn't get any easier or any simpler than this.....

Remember, this is a one time payment and the Like Jacker could pay for itself in just a few days if you're currently buying Likes or using FB ads to get Likes. Instead of throwing your money away with either of those options you need to get the FB Like Jacker instead so you can get all the Likes you want without ever having to pay another penny ever again.
I'm looking forward to welcoming you to the Like Jacking family,
Michael Sherriff
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