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Here are some testimonials from BlackHatWorld.com forum members who used the first version of the FB Like Jacking Ninja


........if you're serious about taking advantage of the powerful, viral, nature of Facebook in 2016 then this WP plugin is exactly what you need right now!!


Introducing FB Like Jacking Ninja


  • Works on mobile and desktop traffic...
  • Advance features to keep you off the FB radar...
  • Have TOTAL control over all parts of the Like Jacking...
  • Deactivate the plugin at certain times of the day
  • Avoid jacking traffic from certain IP's......
  • Avoid jacking traffic from certain referrers...
  • Only jack a percentage of your sites traffic...
  • Only jack visitors from certain countries/cities...
  • Works in total stealth mode...
  • Your visitors will never know they've been like jacked...
  • Get Likes for any FB page ...
  • Safe to use with AdSense...


This is what happened when we used FB Like Jacker to get likes for one of our own FB pages. We were able to take the Likes for that page from just over 3,000 to 12,557 Likes from real FB users in just ONE month!!

More than 3,000 Real FB Likes in 30 Days

A screenshot of the FB page's analytics showing the Likes increase from just over 3,000 to 12,557 in just 30 days. And as the screencap shows, that's a steady increase in Likes that looks totally natural to FB so it doesn't arouse suspicion or unwanted attention.

Resulting in 61 sales and $1,199.96 of income!!

Because these are FB Likes from REAL users it also meant we were able to get our offers in front of them which resulted in 61 sales giving us nearly $1,200 of income. And that's the difference when it comes to getting FB Likes using the Like Jacking Ninja WP plugin.

Do You Want To Know How Easy All of This Was To Achieve?

Watch the Video Below as I Demonstrate FB Like Jacking Ninja in Action on One of My Blogs

Features Overview

  • Buying Fake Likes Will Never Make You a Penny

    FB Like Jacking Ninja gets Likes for your Pages and websites from REAL Facebook users. Because these are real users and not from fake accounts you’ll be able to send them offers and actually make money.

  • Send Likes to any FB Page of your choice

    Install the plugin on just one of your sites and you can send Likes to as many different FB pages as you want. This allows you to concentrate on sending traffic to just one website and the plugin can then Jack Likes to multiple FB pages which is a very powerful feature.

  • Only Like Jack Traffic From Certain Countries

    Being able to Like Jack traffic from the countries you choose means you can better target your offers with quality traffic. If you have Likes mainly from USA traffic you’ll get a better conversion rate and make more money when you send your CPA offers that only accept USA traffic. Geo targeting is a very powerful feature when it comes to Like Jacking.

  • Works with Desktop and Mobile Traffic

    The vast majority of people use Facebook traffic is via mobile and tablet devices. That’s why FB Like Jacker is designed to Like Jack mobile, tablet and desktop traffic to ensure that you as much as your traffic can be jacked.

  • Avoid The Dreaded Confirm Like Button

    Because of the advance controls that FB Like Jacking Ninja has it gives you complete and total control over every aspect of your Like Jacking to make sure it doesn’t raise any flags with the FB police.

  • Automatically Deactivate The Plugin at Certain Times of the Day

    An advanced feature of the Jacker allows you to deactivate the plugin during certain times of the day so that you can target traffic at the times you choose. It gives you more control over how fast you gets Likes for your FB pages and websites too. This looks more natural to Facebook.

  • Avoid Like Jacking traffic based on its IP address.

    Enter an IP range and the plugin will deactivate when it detects traffic from that IP range which means if you enter an IP range known to be used by Facebook staff the plugin will deactivate so as NOT to Like Jack FB staff should they come to look at your website. This is another very powerful feature designed to keep your site and FB pages safe from the FB police.

  • 100% Stealth Mode

    FB Like Jacking Ninja intelligently detects which visitors to your website are logged in to a FB account and it will ignore those who are not logged in to a FB account. Because of this there will never be a pop-up box show up that asking them to log in to their FB account.

“The FB Like Jacker continues to work regardless of the changes FB makes in 2016.”

Imagine this for a moment; you can get Likes for ANY FB fan page that you want without having to ask your sites visitors to click a ‘Like’ button!! With that kind of power just think of how easy it would be to get all the Likes you ever wanted from REAL FB users and at a pace that looks natural to Facebook.

If you’ve ever used a service that delivers Likes to your Fan pages or website you’ll know they can’t drip feed those likes over time to make them look natural. They deliver them all in a very short space of time and that makes you an easy target for Facebook to ban your sites URL or delete your FB pages.

With FB Like Ninja installed on your WP site you’ll never need to run that risk again so you won’t end up getting your FB pages deleted or your website URL’s blacklisted from Facebook.

Just think how popular your Fanpage would become as more and more real FB users give it more and more Likes at a rate that you control so FB won't think you’re up to anything.

This is an incredibly powerful tool to have and use. In fact it’s so powerful we were in two minds whether to even make it public. So before we launched it we added in some very special features to that give you total control over how your visitors are like jacked, how many are like jacked and at what rate they should be like jacked too.

With So Many Amazing Features You’re Probably Eager to Know How Much FB Like Jacking Ninja is….

Let me ask you this question first; "How much money could you make if you grew multiple FB pages to having 10,000's of Likes from REAL Facebook users that you could then get your offers in front of anytime that you chose"?

"How much money could you make from being able to instantly put your CPA offers, email sign up forms, sales pages right in front of 10,000's of targeted FB users"?

Owning and controlling FB pages with 1,000's of fans is just like having an email list that you can send your offers to. And as you know, the real money is in the list.

Only this time you can build that 'list' faster than you ever dreamed possible just by sending traffic to your website where FB like Jacker is installed.

Order FB Like Jacking Ninja RIGHT NOW and Take Advantage of the Introductory Special Offer.

As soon as your purchase is complete you’ll receive an email containing your download link and unique license key. This is a totally automated system so it doesn’t matter what time it is when you order.

You’ll receive your copy of FB Like Jacker within seconds 

No Monthly Fees

Your purchase of the FB Like Jacker is a one-time purchase and you'll never be asked for another penny of your hard earned cash. All updates to the plugin are free and delivered automatically to the plugin in your WP admin panel. If you need help with setting up and using the plugin our support team are available at http://webuildtools.com/helpdesk/

To your continued success,

Still here? Here are Some Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q.Is the FB Like Jacker plugin legal to use?

    A.Yes, there are no laws saying that you can’t use this plugin on your WP site. Obviously Facebook doesn’t want you to use it as it doesn’t exactly meet with their terms and conditions but there is nothing anyone can legally do to stop you from using this.

  • Q.Can I use it on a non WP site?

    A.NO, this is a WordPress plugin and it can only be installed on WordPress sites. We may make different versions for other platforms in the future but at the moment this plugin can only be used on WP sites.

  • Q.How hard is the plugin to use?

    A.The plugin comes with a detailed user guide that shows you exactly what the plugin does and how to use it. With a plugin this powerful there are some settings to configure to ensure you stay off the FB radar but with the user video guide the settings are very easy to understand. And if you get need any help our support team are ready to help you at our dedicated customer support desk.

  • Q.Will Facebook know I’m using this on my site?

    A.FB Link Jacking Ninja is designed to avoid getting any unwanted attention from Facebook staff. With the safety features that we have built in to the plugin we’ve made it as difficult as possible for FB to know you’re using a Like Jacker. You can enter the IP range that FB staff use so the plugin will deactivate if they come snooping around your site.