Frequently Asked Questions
Does This Work For Mobile Traffic?
100% YES. The FB Like Jacking Ninja is able to like jack visitors that come to your site using a mobile device or a desktop computer.
Does This Work On Non-WordPress Sites?
No. The FB Like Jacking Ninja is a WP plugin only. This means that it can only be used on a self-hosted WordPress site.
Is This Picked Up By Anti-Virus Software?
No. The FB Like Jacking Ninja is just a WP plugin. There is nothing in the plugin that can be classed as a virus, or malware, at all.
Will It Work On Free WordPress Sites?
No. This can't be added to a free WP site that you can register for free at You must have your own self-hosted WP site.
Will FB Ban Me For Like Jacking?
It's never happened in the last 5 years. FB are unable to link you as the site owner and the FB page owner so your FB pages will be safe.
Will This Work With A Brand New Domain/Site?
Due to FB restrictions, the domain for your WP site must be at least 5 weeks old before you can use the FB Like Jacking Ninja on it.
Must My FB Page Already Have Likes?
The FB page where you are sending the Jacked likes to needs to have at least one like already before. 
What Happens If I Need Help Using This?
We have a dedicated support desk at where you can reach us for help.
Do Ad Blockers affect the Like Jacker?
No, the pop up from the Like Jacker isn't stopped, blocked or affected by any Ad Blocker in any way at all.
Is this a one time payment?
Yes, we are currently offering the FB Like Jacker for a single, one time payment. (which makes it very good value) 
Are The Likes Real or From Bots?
All of the Likes that the Like Jacker gets for your FB pages are from real users only.
Are updates included?
Yes, all updates are included when you purchase the Like Jacker. This means you will always have the latest version of the plugin.
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