Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

  • Can I use this on non-wordpress sites?
  • Do Ad Blockers affect the Like Jacker?
  • No. Because this is a WordPress plugin it can only be installed on a self-hosted WordPress site. It won't work on any other platform.
  • No, the pop up from the Like Jacker isn't stopped, blocked or affected by any Ad Blocker in any way at all.
  • Do anti-virus programs detect this?
  • Does it avoid the Confirm Like button?
  • The FB Like Jacker is just a WP plugin that isn't any kind of virus or malware which is why no anti-virus or ant-malware programs give any alerts about it. It is totally safe.
  • We have built in a number of features to the Like Jacker that give you complete control over how many Likes your FB pages get. If you follow our advice in the user guides you can avoid the Confirm Like button with ease.
  • Is this a one time payment?
  • Are updates included?
  • No. The Like Jacker is a recurring yearly charge. This is so we're able to provide customers with support for the plugin.
  • Yes, all updates are included when you purchase the Like Jacker. This means you will always have the latest version of the plugin.
  • What about customer support?
  • How are updates delivered?
  • Customer support is included with the Like Jacker as part of the package. When you purchase the Like Jacker you will get access to our dedicated online support desk.
  • Each time we release an update it will show as being available within the plugins page of your WP Admin. You can update the plugin with a click of a button.
  • Will FB ban me for Like Jacking?
  • Are the likes real or bots?
  • No. FB don't tend to ban people for Like Jacking so you won't lose your FB account or your FB pages.
  • All of the Likes that the Like Jacker gets for your FB pages are from real users only.

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