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How many sites do you need to use the Like Jacker on?

Simply choose how many WP sites you want to install the Like Jacking Ninja WP plugin on, from the options below, to get started.

3 Site License
Install the Like Jacker on a 3 WP sites.

Like Jacking Ninja Starter
One Time Payment Only

10 Site License
Install the Like Jacker on 10 WP sites.  

Like Jacking Ninja Plus
One Time Payment Only

20 Site License
Install the Like Jacker on 20 WP sites.  

Like Jacking Ninja Pro Plus
One Time Payment Only

Your purchase of the Like Jacking Ninja includes all updates as well as access to our dedicated help desk for complete support when you need it.

The Like Jacking Ninja is cheaper than using FB ads and here's why...

You can grab a copy of the Like Jacker from just $37 right now. If you spent that same amount on FB ads you'd be lucky to get 370 Likes as each like costs around 10 cents (at least)!

And guess what happens when you have spent that $37 in FB ads? That's right, you stop getting Likes.

That makes the Like Jacker a much better investment that burning your money on FB ads just to get a few likes.

Michael Sherriff

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If you're considering purchasing this plugin, please don't hesitate. If you're active on Facebook (organically), this plugin can offer you a valuable edge. I've been using it for a couple of short months and I climbed from 1,500 to around 8,000 likes. After I had switched to a new theme there were some incompatibilities, but the 'Help Desk' painstakingly helped me figure out and resolve the issue. For a simple BlackHat script plugin, that's more service than most would expect. Very nifty plugin and works like a charm.
Arthur K.

The best like jacker I’ve ever used. No footprints and the option to fine tune according to one’s needs. You can control it the way you like it to use. Each page can have different campaigns running. This is way better than wasting money on Facebook ads.
Sarah P.