Reviews and Testimonials

The FB Like Jacker is fucking goooood:)) i tested on my test site and in one day 30 likes give it me. Never paying again fake FB likes then thats its real FB like. in three days have now 75 likes.
Viktor B.
If you're considering purchasing this plugin, please don't hesitate. If you're active on Facebook (organically), this plugin can offer you a valuable edge. I've been using it for a couple of short months and I climbed from 1,500 to around 8,000 likes. After I had switched to a new theme there were some incompatibilities, but the 'Help Desk' painstakingly helped me figure out and resolve the issue. For a simple BlackHat script plugin, that's more service than most would expect. Very nifty plugin and works like a charm.
Arthur K.
I LOVE IT! This is just amazing. Since I have been letting it run I have gotten a few hundred targeted likes. Want to know how much I paid Facebook for these likes? NOTHING! I have never used a like jacker before but this one is absolutely perfect for what I need and there is no reason to get anything else, it works. The amount of control you get with they plugin is what I was looking for. One of the best features is that you are ale to set limits so new Facebook pages do not grow too rapidly. I used it on a site getting about 300 uniques a day. For the money, hands down, a great investment!
Steven J.
I was impressed by the features of this plugin. I have used many like jackers in the past, until now this is by far the most complex and safe to use I have seen. I like that you can set the plugin to be inactive between certain times of the day. Another great feature is that you can specify what percentage of your sites traffic that you want the plugin to like jack. This helps to keep you safe because you don’t want to raise flags with tons of new likes hitting your page too fast. Another great feature is that you can set the jacker to ignore traffic that comes to your site from certain websites so the plugin won’t jack traffic that comes from LinkedIn or Twitter, for example. I would honestly give this plugin 10/10
Martin L.
The best like jacker I’ve ever used. No footprints and the option to fine tune according to one’s needs. You can control it the way you like it to use. Each page can have different campaigns running. This is way better than wasting money on Facebook ads.
Sarah P.
the results from using this plugin have been great so far. I am going to test it with other niches, the support has been spectacular as always and another good product from these guys. The last time I used a like jacker was a year ago but this one takes like jacking to another level. Highly recommended!
Mark R.